There are many coffee farmers that have been certified by the Kona Coffee Council. Look for the Kona Coffee Council label advising that the coffee contains 100% Kona Coffee Beans. You'll also be supporting the local farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The coffee we are selling on this website is guaranteed 100% Kona Coffee and has the seal of approval from the Kona Coffee Council.

Enjoy as we do.

bean  Premium Estate Grown Kona Coffeebags

The silky air of a summer night in Kona, the icy-blue of Pleiades' Seven Stars high above the farm; we can almost hear the coffee trees grow. In this heavenly setting; the sweetest of harvests is a natural result. The trees are gently tended by Henry and Jarmila Williams during the year and when ready, only the plump, red cherry is plucked from the burgeoning branches. No machine harvesting here; careful handpicking assures maximum ripeness.


bean Picking & Roasting With Care

The neighboring farm sun dries and roasts all of Seven Stars Kona Coffee. The familiar sounds and fragrance of the roast reaches our farm deep into the night; from tree to cup all within a few acres of prime Kona Coffee Land. Henry and Jarmila Williams invite you to share rich results of their dream, passion, and work.cherry

— 100% KONA COFFEE —

bean Commitment to Quality

At Seven Stars Kona Coffee we tend our crops daily to achieve the highest quality of flavor and size. We are fortunate here in Kona to have optimum conditions to grow premium coffee. With plenty of sunshine and seasonal rains, nature does the bulk of the work. But to cultivate these robust trees, we fertlize, prune and pick with care. We also plant new seedlings on an ongoing basis to increase our bounty. so if you haven't sampled our coffee , now is the the time to try our 100% Kona Coffee!

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